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  1. I know this is meant to be a rather uplifting forum, but I have to share my thoughts...

    Everything we have in life is going to fade away, I don't say die because die is a cold word... but it's amazing how much as humans we have an attachment to something. We know what lies ahead, and how things won't be there in the end, but there's nothing we can do.

    Being sad, guilt ridden and depressed is inevitable.
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    The only thing inevitable is death. Sad, guilt ridden, and depressed are usually conscious decisions you choose to keep yourself in and feeling. As far as we know, you have one life. You can choose to live it in misery and feeling bad for yourself, or you can choose to live it as best as you can. That choice is up to you, as are many other choices. You can't choose if you will die or not, that is a given, but how you live from now until then is completely up to you.

    I understand what you're saying, I have a very negative mind-set, but I also understand that it can be different and what I said above holds true.

    The way I see it, death is nothingness. You can't set yourself up for disappointment if you're nothing. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment while you're alive if you choose to do so. Afterwards, is anyone's guess, but in my world - you won't be able to look back and be disappointed, since you will be nothing at all.
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    I've been sad. I've never been guilt ridden or depressed. When can I expect that to kick in?
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    The surity of death is what makes life sweet. People would quickly take every day for granted if their days were infinite.
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    This is why you cherrish what you have, and fight hard for what you want. You remember things you've lost by remembering the good times and the smiles, not by how things ended or what might have been.
  6. Death is nothing to fear. We all die, it is just life. You don't live forever. You have so many seconds here on Earth, make them as great as you possibly can all while setting yourself up for success. I would say dont take life too seriously though, if you take life seriously forever, what do you have at the end? A life of pain, stress, and sleepless nights studying, fighting, crying, and bickering over stupid things. I feel like everything in life is just planning us for the next stage to plan for the next stage which plans ofr the next stage which is death.

    You're born, time to get ready for school. School, oh time to get ready for high school. Oh shit, high school, get ready for college bro! College, oh shit, graduate, get a job. Oh get a better job, oh get a wife, oh get a house, oh get a better job, work this boring job for 30 years so you can have a lot of money because money is good and then you get to retire. And by retire I mean you can go play golf for 10 years and then you wont be able to walk anymore and then you die.

    Might as well make that journey a little more fun and mix it up a little. I would much rather die at the age of 40 going 180MPH in a car and know I had fun in my entire life than to live to be 80 and be a depressed mongrel with millions of dollars and a shriveled up dick.
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    it's not disappointment because when we die, are we really going to give a fuck?

    It's moreso live for the moment imo. Do whatever you want now, don't take things for granted and enjoy life. Death is guaranteed, you don't know when it'll take place and to me, that's almost the thrill of life.

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