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    this is something i taped together. Id be interested in getting some feedback from some of the readers here.

    hey hey were the monkees...

    From a vantage point near the crest
    the herds all move as one
    the lions may only see the wind
    But banana trees are being shaken

    and the shady breeze that results
    gives snakes a leg up on wildebeats
    natives a rest from the tall sky
    and venture capital to live

    In thier own invested energy
    monkeys navigate the branchways
    leaps in bounds and trapeze tails
    will squawk at a mashed banana……

    The ancient one shrieked early
    along with the young ones
    but the woodsman fed the big one
    and inspiration uprooted the trees

    the sisters sheparded away
    life is but time asleep
    the silent ones looked down
    at the growing silver cancer

    the dandelions they bloom
    then disentegrate to fly
    and the paint jar turns brilliant
    then fades to an empty murk

    alpha lumbered with the trunk
    roughly replants in his corner
    the hustlers adjust the shade
    for banana eyed ladies lay

    The nash equilibrium doesnt exist
    when knuckle draggers hold sway
    to beat chest over fewer bananas
    instead of saturating seeds

    in the alleyways of the forest
    the magnificent lions walk in fear
    though it may be in thier legacy
    big cats dont have to climb

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