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    skror Guest is growing again! With nearly a million page views per month, we have expanded into the next phase of our site build. To handle this new level of traffic and to keep our community excited about visiting us as much as they have been, we are looking for more staff members.

    If you are a gamer that enjoys writing about your game knowledge or tips about the games you play, and will play, or enjoy asking developers questions, then being a part of the behind the scenes action of the fastest growing MMORPG network on the net might be something for you!

    We also need artists interested in tweaking game images and making banners, making fansite pages look exciting, and even those who have the talent of making their own art. We are adding a fan art gallery and making room for a comic strip, giving more freedom to our art team to showcase their talents! So, bring your favorite programs and come on over. Experience in Flash is a huge plus.

    We also have a new Hardware section in partnership with So, if you prefer writing about and reviewing the gadgets that play the games, we have room for you!

    As we grow, we will be needing even more help in our coding department. We currently use PHP, CSS, Html, XML, Java, on a Linux server with MySQL databases.

    If you are looking to take your gaming to the next level and not only play these games, but be a part of a team that brings news and information to the gaming community, contact me at [email protected] for more information.
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    Word. He plugs his site in almost all of his previous posts.

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