Weird Internet browsing issue (DNS?)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mdaniel, Dec 6, 2005.

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    I'm working with someone who advertises their business through overture, who places ads on search engines. They have a Windows 2003 Server DNS Server in their office. Their web page is hosted off-site and there's a host (a) record on their DNS server pointing "www" to the static IP address of their web server. LAN users have no problem entering into a browser and reaching their off-site web page.

    But, users on the LAN can't resolve any yahoo/overture advertising links. It eventually times out. For example, go to yahoo and search on your favorite band plus the word tickets. Down the right side you'll see sponsored links. If you paste the target URL into notepad for easy reading, you'll see its about a mile long and buried in the middle is and at the end is the url of the broker that paid for the ad. Users from outside their LAN have no problem resolving the links. I connected my laptop to their LAN, got an IP address from the DHCP server, and could surf the web no problem, but could not resolve the ad links. But it worked fine once I disconnected and went through my Verizon Wireless air card.

    I didn't set this system up but it looks OK. LAN users have no problem accessing any web page (even their own) except when clicking on one of those ad links. I reconfigured one workstation to use the ISP's DNS server's directly instead of their Win2k3 DC/DNS server and it still didn't work. I even found a public access DNS server to use but it didn't help either.

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