CAR Weird problem with claying


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Sep 13, 2003
Close to Chicago, IL
I have been claying for a while so I do have some experience with them. However, today was a little different

As I am claying, it feels like I am rubbing on sand paper. However, if I run my figners on the car, it is smooth as can be. Visually, it looks fine. But, why would it feel like I am rubbing against sand papeer? Also, if I look at the clay, I see little fibers as if my car as some skin on it and I am rubbing it off.

Any reason why is this occuring? Am I actually removing old wax that built up? Am I, somehow, actually removing the clear coat. OR is this the result of the idiots at my old job, that didnt tell us they were going to remove the old cement and re-cement it, like a foot away from my car :ugh:


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May 25, 2005
Nashville, TN FTW
Honestly, hard to say unless I am actually there. Could be something stuck in the clay.
. also, try a wiping a towel over the paint and see what that feels like./ sometimes, you can't feel as much with your hand as the clay picks up. unless someone decided to go all sandstorm on your clay.

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