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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by boostin-gp, Oct 2, 2003.

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    So we've had these Polk DB6500 components at Circuit now for a while, but were waiting on the EX6.5" components to sell through first. Finally sold the last pair of the EX3 components as open box last night so the DB's got to go up today. On the boards they are next to the Infinity 6000CS components, and the Polk MM6 (momo components)

    Fired them up off of the MTX 4-channel amp and my friend put in his ORGY cd. Tested them all at low volume and they sounded about the same. The momo's probably had the best sound... they were just much much fuller than the rest. Turned volume up a little bit more. Momo's still win. turn it up pretty f-ing loud, and the momo's start to cry, distort, and just generally sound REALLY poor. The infinities were still singing, but the midrange had had enough. Just couldnt keep up with the output of the tweeter it sounded like. Switched to the DB's and all i gotta say is WOW. Crystal Clear. Zero distortion audible to my ears, and sounded very even. My new vote for a component set under $200. VERY nice speakers.
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    Which CC do you work for? I am an RIS at 0871 here in Memphis. I was looking at those Polk's for my TL but I am weary of trying to force a 6.5 into a 5.25 space and I am quite disappointed that the db comps don't come in 5.25. I may have to take the accomodations pacckage and go with the infinity kappa perfects :dunno:
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    I'm RPS/RIS at 3170 Champaign IL.

    Started sales... then comission went away, so we were all one position, then the recent swith I was RIS, and one of the sales side guys quit, so now I'm kinda doing both. :hs: The tweeters on the DB's are almost TOO bright. :sad2: I'd still take them over the reference infinities, and the momo's.

    the kappa perfects are fucking AWESOME for our accomodation price :big grin:

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