We're in the middle of an attempted coup and OT's biggest Constitutional scholar has 4 POL posts since 11/8 and none since 11/18

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May 25, 2016
But has posted 200+ times in movie threads in that same span.

Why ya hidin bitch?



Meanwhile @TankRizzo has more posts about Ellen Page becoming Elliot page than he does about politics since election day.

which is really strange cause he ias 1,800 posts in the Donald Trump won the election thread from 2016.
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Jan 9, 2004
was @Joe_Cool the guy who once said

No, idiot. I'm laughing at people who are being whipped into a nationwide panic over 38 deaths.
People intentionally kill nearly 1 million unborn babies each year in the US. And I'm supposed to panic over 150 deaths from a virus?
since you mention it, we still lose more people to drowning every year than this stupid virus in all of time.
35,000 people die every single year in traffic. Does that mean the whole country should shut down?
If coronavirus is 35 times more deadly than the flu, why have there been only 38 deaths
Yeah, I understand what's going on. A few white people got sick, and democrats melted down. :hmm:

Nobody was panicking when it was just China.
The media hype over this virus is DEFINITELY not engineered as an attack on Trump. NOT AT ALL. :rofl:

I honestly can't remember

Paul Revere

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May 19, 2003
Cali-NO NFA-fornia
There is a doofus trumpkin named @Paul Revere and this was his last post

Also this was his last activity

Last seen 26 minutes ago · Viewing forum Off Topic

what a bitch 😂
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