Westway Ford, DFW, took my Mustang for a 23 mile Joyride!!!

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by dalton13, Jun 9, 2003.

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    After noticing that Westway Ford Irving, TX chose to take my car out for a night on the town last week, I called the dealership and was told I must be lying about the mileage because they wrote it all down. I attempted to calm down and wrote the following in an email.

    Westway Ford,

    I am writing to complain about my recent service with your shop. On Monday, June 4, 2003 I brought in my 2000 Mustang Saleen to have an Air Conditioning problem resolved. The car stayed at your shop overnight, while you waited for a part to be delivered. Tuesday at 4:30, I arrived to pickup the vehicle and was disappointed in what I found.

    My car stereo settings had all been changed and an alternate CD inserted into the deck. Both seats, and the steering wheel, had been adjusted for someone else. My clutch is now making a high pitched squeek, and travels much differently than before I dropped off my car.
    The car has 23 miles on it that cannot be accounted for.

    Once I began to suspect that someone had driven the car, I completed the drive home, and took pictures of the mileage stated on the Oil Change, as well as what my mileage was driving home. (See Attached) When I arrived at home last night, I had 24,072 miles on the car. Your shop claims that my car had 24,031 miles on it when it was given back to me. When I drove the car to Ford today, the driving distance was 18 miles.

    24,072 – 18 mile drive home = 24,054

    24,054 – 24,031 = 23

    23 miles were put on my car by someone other than me. With these facts in mind, I am very unhappy with my service. Upon speaking to the Service Manager, it seems that Westway Ford is not interested in doing anything to resolve this matter. I would like to hear what you are willing to do to make me a happy customer.


    G Hughes

    I have yet to receive a reply to either the phone calls, or the above email. I have clutch damage, and about half of my new tires sticking to the side of my car.

    Please do not let this dealership work on your car for any reason!!!


  2. Jumpem

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    Oct 9, 2002
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  3. Enigma

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    man that sucks.. good luck on getting them to do something about it.. :/
  4. holy crap I would have gone apeshit...did you get a rental to abuse...if so consider it even
  5. MAD PUNK inDC

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    the machine
    Thats against the law for them to to that, You need to file a complaint with your stats Attorney Generals Office, dept of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. If you keep on them, they are usualy pretty good about resolving issues with dealers, and such.
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    Jun 12, 2003
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    Exactly...If it gets rough you just might get a new saleen outta the deal :x:
  7. SSvegas

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    dont put up with that bullshit!!!!

    that story almost makes me cringe, cuz i HATE any1 driving my car. i NEVER vallet.

    sorry to hear about some jackass abusing ur baby.
    dont let them get away with this!!!
  8. sorry to hear about that. this reminds me of a tech that went on some board bragging about how he drove the shit out of a customers car, and the customer just happened to see the posts. anyone remember that one?
  9. twist_of_fate

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    Yeah, wasn't that an 03 Cobra or something like that. I remember it being a Cobra, just don't remember the year.
  10. spoon-ex

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    yeah, it was an 03 cobra

    id definately be raising hell if they did that to my stang
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  12. Bad Mojo

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    Yup. 2003 Cobra, and the SVT Certified mechanic bragged about his run on a message board, to include posting what the personalized plates said.

    Turns out, one of the board members knew the owner, who was a female on another mustang message board. He posted her a link, she printed it out, and filed a complaint.

    End result? One out of work mechanic, and she got a free warranty upgrade to cover any possible damage done by this moron. He ran the car up to 140mph or so, power braked the shit out of it, tested it's road holding ability on corners, etc. etc.

    I'd file a complaint with the BBB and Ford customer service. Try to at least get a warranty upgrade.

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