WFH crew - bump this thread whenever you do something you couldn't do with an in-office job.


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Sep 25, 2002
This is how you get managers that loathe going home and make new hires stay in the office until 7pm every night :down:
This. Every C-level I worked with a couple of companies ago was like this. One guy hated his wife so much after their kids left home to go to college that he couldn't work from home with her in his 9,000 sq ft. house. It would be :rofl: if it wasn't so :hs: (and didn't completely fuck up my life there, too).
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Nov 23, 2011
I've been doing 3 office days / 2 home days

wouldn't mind going 2 / 3

but really happy with the hybrid thing, other folks do M-W in office too so easy to plan in-person meetings with other folks on those days and then do more focused solo work Thurs and Fri
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Jul 18, 2006
:eek4: Damn, many more times and you'll catch up to my knee dislocations, last time was just from trying to kick my car keys into my hand across my car's floorboard around Feb of this year. One of the MANY things that told me it was time to get in shape. :rofl:

Glad that the chiro and workout's are helping out. :h5:
We’re gettin old bro :(


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Mar 11, 2007
Asking for a meeting 90min from now for 6 people usually took more notice before everyone was wfh.

But even I get tired of writing lol: that might be nowhere


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So while I am in a power BI design meeting, I managed to pull camera photos of the before and after impervious additions to my neighbors property, sketched it out on a survey I have and emailed our town code enforcement officer, zoning board and supervisor.

Fuck this cunt. 1500-2k more impervious on her property, no permit or plans, that basically directs her runoff to my stormwater management tanks.

Fuck this cunt.
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Joseph Scumsworth

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Sep 10, 2002
Quad Shitties
Grilled some lunch and did some laundry. It would have cost me a fortune to dine out and get those macros and I'd have to have dealt with dirty bedding until the weekend lol.
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