What about GT3 for PS2?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LilCricket, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. LilCricket

    LilCricket Guest

    Personally i think Gran Turismo is the best racing/sim game out there with respect to awesome as f**** cars. My girlfriend's dad had a 97 supra twin turbo pushin 438 at the rw, about 500 at the crank, he recently sold it, (which broke my heart), i drove the beast to my prom last year and was hoping to do the same this year for my girlfriend's last prom. He did however buy a 97 viper gts (blue/white racing stripes), which eased the heartbreak a little. But damn, i would rather have the supra. anyways, who thinks GT3 is the shit?! I mean really i heard there was a way to get a motorcycle in the game on one site, but have failed to do it. Does anyone know if there is truth to this; that you can actually get a superbike on the game?

  2. Stinger

    Stinger Guest

    GT3 owns all racing games. I want more American cars, in particular some older american cars.

    They need a Shelby Cobra Mustang in that game.:blue: :blue:
  3. LilCricket

    LilCricket Guest

    What's up with the torque?

    :( Everytime i get a new car, or buy one, expecting it to get off the line with it's hundreds of lbs/ft torque, the torque goes down dramatically, can anyone explain this? i just don't understand this shit.

  4. JazzHound

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    How does your girflriend's dad selling his Supra and getting a Viper GTS have anything to do with GT3?

    The reason you're not launching off like you would is because of traction. GT3 is pressure sensitive so you can actually launch at any deisred RPM range. Still it's not true to life physics so don't expect to master the launch like you can in real life.

    To improve your launch and really stick it to'em, get an AWD car and juice it up really good. You'll smoke those guys like their going in reverse.
  5. SIMPLEmatrix

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    in most of my cars in gt3, i get a better launch starting from 2nd 6000 rpm's or full rev, i'm playing right now to save up money for my stage 4 turbo on my supra :p
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    gt3 is about 1/3 of what a real racing sim must have -- but the licensed car make up for it
  7. Guest

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    GT3 looks awsome, its the next game i plan on buying.
  8. Guest

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    I've heard nothing about motorcycles on GT3 but I read in EGM (I think) that the makers of GT3 are working on a motorcycle game that is suppose to be like GT3 but with bikes.
  9. kiam

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    GT3 + Road Rash = :wackit:

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