What amp for Audiobahn 1206Q?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Minitrucker88, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. If i remember right they say 1100 w rms. not sure if i believe that... I have one sub, dvc 4 ohm. plan to run at 2 ohms. hopefully i can find something clean for under a few hundred dollars.
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    i really wouldn't run much more than 700 too it, i've owned that sub temporarily (bought it to sell to stupid ricer kid in town, nice profit :big grin: ) ... audiobahn subs are commonly overrated...
  3. so did it sound like shit then or what?
  4. http://www.millionbuy.com/souega2440.html

    will this amp work okay? it says RMS @ 2-ohms : 440 x 2. does that mean I can't bridge the 2 channels together when I'm running at 2 ohms? would I have to just use one channel for my sub?

    I'm also considering the Lanzar Vibe 1100 (?) or the similarly rated JBL class D amps, or my friend is selling an ARC Audio 2100 CXL. What should I go with??
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    You'll run the risk of blowing that soundstream if you get it. You need to find an amp that puts out about 800w @ 2 ohms. That Arc is a really nice amp, but it wouldn't be enough power for you i don't think (it does 380x1 @ 4 ohms, again, you might blow it at 2 ohms). You need to be looking into a class D amp of some sort. It'll be pretty hard for you to find a class a/b amp that'll run at 2 ohms mono. The JBL would be a good choice since it does ~700w of true power at 2 ohms. I'm not sure what the Lanzar is rated at, but it'd be worth looking into.
  6. Thanx BlkX. I read a few posts where 04 recommended the JBL and Lanzar class D amps. They are both rated around 1100-1200 w at 2 ohms i think. They are pretty cheap too. Does anyone else have anything to say about these two amps? I'm a bit hesitant since they are so cheap, but if they work, I'll buy one of the two.

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