ENT FOOD What are your favorite cooking channels on YouTube?


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Dec 7, 2000
New England
Probably half (ok not that much, but a lot) of my YouTube viewing is cooking videos. Have a handful of favorite channels, but always looking for more good ones. Just a few samples of the channels I like.

Chef Jean-Pierre: This guy is a classically trained chef with 50+ years of professional cooking experience. He also ran a cooking school, and it shows. I love how clearly he explains the techniques and the reasons for using them. Also love his enthusiasm, and his accent and mannerisms are hilarious. :rofl:

Sam the Cooking Guy. Most are probably already familiar, his videos are great.

Sip & Feast. Discovered this one relatively recently. Mostly focuses on Italian dishes. This guy is clearly a home cook, not a pro, and I appreciate that because it means his recipes are kinda geared more in that direction. Haven't really seen any recipes on this channel that made me go "That looks great, but I'll never make it"

Joshua Weissman. Kinda in contrast to the last one, the only thing I don't like about this channel is that he tends to go a little too "fancy" with his recipes. But, there's still a lot of good stuff there, and it's easy enough to simplify some of the things where he goes a little overboard (for example...I'm probably just gonna use store-bought rolls instead of making them from scratch when I want to make a cheesesteak at home 😅). Great techniques though, and they're entertaining.



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Jun 30, 2007
Akis - Greek based stuff, plus he's pretty dreamy

Lagerstrom - a lot of dough stuff but does everything. The channel used to be called Weeds and Sardines.

Fat Malcolm - all BBQ

Rick Bayless - Mexican, central American foods, found him for salsa recipes originally



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Jun 30, 2007
Ethan Chelowidbsjrjflallfovoroehwb something - tending to do more healthy takes on foods

Kenji - makes everything but his video style you may find annoying since he straps a camera to his forehead. Good recipes though.

Sonny - another does everything channel. Not super entertaining but good recipe ideas



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Apr 22, 2005
OP did you post about Chef Jean-Pierre awhile back? Been subbed to him since then. I like ThatDudeCanCook as well and I used to like Doobydobap because she’s fine but her posts are too vlog-ish nowadays



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Jun 30, 2007

Shaquille doesn't do a ton of cooking stuff anymore. His channel is kinda weird now.

You'll probably find better Alton Brown stuff on the Food Network YouTube channel tbh.

Haven't heard of the rest, will check them

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