SRS what can i do?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Jazzyb, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Basically theres a girl in my collage ive known from last year shes hot but she has a boyfriend, and within that last year of collage i was dating somone in class which ended badly at the start of this term.

    Anyway when this term started she was really freindly with me and always was hanging around with me and we used to get drinks at lunchtimes and she got really flirty (keep in mind she has a boyfriend.)

    anyway a couple of weeks ago she asked me if she should break up with her boyfriend i obviously couldnt tell her what to do it wasnt my desicion then i didnt see her till after half term.

    now were back in collage i feel as though i have got a crush over her and i just wondered what i could do? i never really like to interfer with other people but im starting to like this girl and imo everytime we hang out we alway have a laugh and seem to click.

    Need advise on what to do dudes, Cheers for any input

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    eeeeek! ...for two reasons:

    1. Do not get involved. She's willing to drop her current for you. What makes you think she wouldn't do the same to you later on? I don't know for certain, but she's one who's likely to encite *alot* of drama. Trust me, the drama is not worth the sex. Sex is all you'll get, as meaningful relationships seem beyond her grasp at the moment.

    OTOH, you *are* considering it. Some people have to learn the hard way. I know I went ahead in a similar situation despite the objections of others. I definitely learned my lesson.

    2. The run-on's, spelling, and grammer would earn you an F in your college classes despite the solid overall structure. It scares me. Really it does.
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    Do not meddle. I tried this, it only ends badly. Just be yourself and do NOT push her away from him. How would you like it if you two were dating and I did it to you?

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