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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Regicid3, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Jul 16, 2006
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    "I don't mind doing that (giving me a blow job) but I think it's only fair we both get off. (We should or I want) to have sex on Monday."

    Two problems:
    I don't last nearly long enough for her to get off purely on sex, so I'm going to finger her until she does and then fuck her or try and get her close via fingering and then fucking her to completion. How is it even possible to hold it in? I don't want to be thinking of my Grandmother or something, that's awkward. :hsd:

    I can't remember if she said "We should" or "I want" and if it's the former, the kind of... uh, makes me uneasy. :noes:

    This is my fourth time having sex, the second girl. :o I'm pretty decent at fingering, as with the first girl, we did that for months before we fucked because I had in my head the idea that my first time should be with somebody I "love" but I eventually got over that and had sex with her. We had sex twice last year, then she moved to Florida and about 5 months ago, she came back and only this past week was I able to "woo" her again after what happened the last time we tried. We tried to fuck in the parking lot of a boat ramp and just as I was about to thrust into her, somebody drove down there... it sucked.

    Edit: Oh my, two girls in one month? I'm PIMP. :rofl:
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    well shit, what I would do is find a position that doesn't seem to do much for you, but does for her, go at that for awhile, then finish up on something you can both enjoy.. the other thing you can do is just keep swithing positions over and over... I've also done the think about other things, but generally thats a ftl in the long run... in any case good luck. :eek5:

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