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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by procrastinator, Sep 30, 2005.

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    ok, I asked advice before, and I remember just gettin pissed of at it.

    My situation:-
    I am 22, I live at home, and my mum is on income support I live in the UK). I try my best to support her, I 30 quid a week in digs, and I pay for the internet myself. Im hoping to get back in college this year if I can get last years work sorted. Thats sort of in the works I guess.

    When I posted before I said I thought I had social anxiety. You all advised me to go to the doctor about this, but I guess I dont see it as being that simple. I would hate to go to the doctor and have him just blow me off.

    I guess I'm afraid that I dont really suffer from anything. I have really serious problems interacting with people now. I can barely talk to my mother, and I am absolutely petrified of talking to my sister. I used to have a lot of friends, but I can barely talk to them anymore. I can only really talk to the closest friend I have, and I am quickly loosing everything in common with him, simply because Im shying away from everything.

    I seem to suffer suicidal thoughts all the time. Mostly the thought of putting a gun to my head and just ending it. I've thought at length as to the best way I should position the gun so as to give the least chance of surviving. Luckily I live in the UK, so access to firearms is fairly restricted.

    I know I'm not the dumbest person in the world, and I'm far from the brightest. I'm fairly average looking, and a little bit skinny. I dont really eat enough I guess.

    Im afraid of goin back on the meds, because they changed me so much,

    I dont really know what to do.
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    While we all strongly recommend that you go to the doctor to take care of the serious, but easily treatable condition that currently cripples you... we realize that doing so will be terrifying, precisely because of the disease for which you seek treatment.

    Your psychiatrist will not reject you. On the contrary: he's dedicated his life to helping people. People like you. Even though you know this, it will be hard to go.

    But just understand that if you do go... you'll be on your way to everything else in your life being so much easier. And if you don't like the meds you were on... then you can get some different meds. But frankly, changing a person 'so much' that regularly contemplates suicide is a good, good thing. Go with the change. You'll be happy with where it leads you.
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    Go see a shrink man, taking your life is the last thing you want to do. There is so much this world has to offer and you will see that when you realize that letting things bother you so much is really pointless. Beating yourself up or hating yourself for things that are beyond your control is a waste of you time. You deserve better than that.

    Don't blow your head off either, sheesh! Think about the loved ones you would leave behind! They wouldn't eve be able to have an open casket for you or anything, not to mention that when everyone would think of you that last scene would be their last thought. Ick! I never understand why people commit suicide like that. If I was ever to do it, I would just lock myself in a garage with the car running and go to sleep with tylenol pms. Painless and not messy.

    Don't do any of this man! People care for you and there is so much left in this world for you to experience!
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    It all starts with seeing a doctor. The fact that you rationalize not going by assuming he's just going to "blow you off" is just part of your unhealthy thinking process keeping you in the state you've caused yourself.

    You can call a suicide helpline, but I doubt that will be of any use to you. Your condition is chronic, and you'll just find it frustrating and useless.
    In fact, you'll probably report back that they "blew you off".

    You need a proper medical evaluation. They can't do that over the phone.
    Go in to your doctor. What you quite clearly obvious....and easily treated.

    It's as easy to spot as a broken leg. If you know how to look, that is.

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