What do you think of my new HT build?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dorian Gray, Jan 29, 2007.

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    worth more then my life.. nice
  3. Ronin

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    looks like you're ballin

    floating floor im assuming?

    what sort of acoustical upgrades are going into it?

    what AV equipment and control?
  4. Dorian Gray

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    Believe it or not, soundproofing is a non-issue for me. In my current HT, I did no soundproofing whatsoever, and it hasn't been a problem. If I'm in the HT, my wife is there with me, as is my son. So we couldn't care less if the sound leaves the room. So with this room, the only soundproofing I'm going to do is put insulation in the interior walls and ceiling, and put furring strips between the drywall and floor joists. I thought about staggered stud walls, double drywall with green glue, etc. but it's just not necessary for what we want.

    As with my current theater, the entire area behind the screen wall (screen will be acoustically transparent) will be treated with 1" fiberglass duct liner. On the side walls, I'll apply the same treatments below the chair rail. I may add a few bass traps in the corners, or do a tray ceiling with bass traps in the soffit.

    Since I'm building this house and finishing the basement all at once, I'm going to reuse most of my current AV equipment. Onkyo 604 receiver, Ascend 340/170/200 speakers, SVS PB10-ISD sub. Since this room is much bigger than my current one, I'll probably have to buy an additional sub, or replace this one with a bigger one. Not sure yet on projector, but considering a Sony Pearl. Screen will be a 12' SMX 2.35:1 screen.

    Electrical will be controlled with a GrafikEye. I'll have one zone for the can lights above the screen, another for the wall sconces, another for the star ceiling, and another for the rope lighting. I haven't figured out what to do about IR, because I haven't looked into it much.
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    Where are you going to store all of your media? Are the tan/corkboard texture areas going to be in-wall bookshelves or similar?
  6. Ronin

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    yeah bass traps might be a good idea, these rooms get pretty expensive have you talked or considered talking to an acoustic consultant or anything along those lines?

    is this room seperate from the house or connected?

    have you considered running a DIY IB bass set up in ceiling/crawl space? ;)

    whats the cu/ft of the theater?
  7. Dorian Gray

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    All of my DVDs and CDs are ripped to my media center PC. I use MCE 2005 with the MyMovies plugin to access everything.

    The tan areas are fabric.
  8. Dorian Gray

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    I've read a lot about acoustics on AVS. In my current theater room, I added a bass trap, and added 1" fiberglass duct liner below the chair rail. I was amazed at how much better everything sounded. The best way I can describe it is that before the acoustical treatments, it sounds like I had 5 really good speakers and a really good sub, meaning I could tell where the sound was coming from. Now it sounds like the room is a giant speaker, with sounding coming from everywhere, not just 6 points.

    I like a lot of bass, and have mixed review on bass traps. when I tried to add a second one, I lost a lot of bass. I tried it in several locations, and just didn't like it. so I'm not 100% sure what I will do with this room. Whatever I do, it will be made to be removable. The ceilings are 9', and I'll probably do a tray ceiling, and put some bass traps in the tray.

    This room will be in the basement, so it's part of the house. It will be below the master suite and kitchen, and next to the kid's playroom.

    total dimensions are 20' wide x 27' long (that includes the 2' area behind the false screen wall) x 9' tall.
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    It could be that what you really need is more sub rather than less bass trapping. I don't know how much reading you've done on AVS, but adding bass traps reduces bass peaks which subjectively can seem like less bass if you are used to hearing a 10db peak at 50hz or so. However, overall you will actually have more bass, and once you get used to hearing smooth, tight bass, there is no going back.

    I would add bass traps floor to ceiling in all 4 corners and upgrade your sub, or add another PB10.
  10. Dorian Gray

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    My current HT is pretty small - 10.5' x 16', so I know the PB10-ISD is more than enough sub. Before adding a bass trap, it was loud, deep, and punchy. when I added 1 floor to ceiling bass trap, it seemed to have less bass, but I thought maybe it was in my head. When I added a second floor to ceiling bass trap, there was noticeably less bass. I'll probably experiment with ti again in my new HT, but I may just be the type of guy that doesn't like the way bass sounds with too much trapping.

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