What do you think of this setup?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by The Bastard, Nov 11, 2002.

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    First, let me preface by saying I'm aware there are systems out there that dwarf this one for the same amount of money. Secondly, I'd honestly rather not do my homework and build piece by piece like a hobbyist.

    That said, I came across this system in the papers and was blown away, but because I"m not one to read the manual front to back to understand the specs, I'm asking those who know their stuff for an impartial opinion on it.


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    what is it might help
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    What were you blown away by? The way it looks? Honestly, go listen to a set, and see how they sound to you. No one can pick what speakers sound best to you, ESPECIALLY THE SALESMAN.

    With systems like that, they are more concerned about looks over sound, IMHO, but quite frankly, so are most average people. The sound will definatly be better than the speakers that come with your tv.

    After looking at the price, I would not buy that, for 1500 dollars anyways.

    Quite frankly, if you give us a price range, and tell us your musical tastes, and loudness preferences, we can give you a bunch of options of equipment to listen to. You wont even have to do any homework! ;)
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    Re: Re: What do you think of this setup?

    Thanks for the reply.

    As an average person I am more concerned with looks I will admit, but that isn't to say sound should be sacrificed. For me, in picking a system it has to both be aesthetically and aerially pleasing. I'm happy with a pair of $100 dollar computer speakers so you get a sense of how high my expectations are. Then again, this is for watching DVD movies with better soundtrack than any MP3's can ever offer, casual background music, weekend blasting sessions, whatever.

    Budget isn't really set in stone, although $1000 or so would be ideal. I was and still am considering SONY's lesser offers which retail about half of that $1500 price tag, but aren't much eye candy. heh, this sounds more and more like I"m all for vanity. btw, the price is in canadian dollars.

    Finally, one of these television set will likely compliment.


    Thanks again, home work isn't due for sometime so ace it for me :bigthumb:
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    Re: Re: Re: What do you think of this setup?

    Ok, well do you mind seperate components, or do you need a box set? I bet we can find something for you around 1k that will be decent enough. Now do you want the system to be able to play very loud at all?
  6. The Bastard

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    I would option for seperate components but reciever/speakers should or rather be preferred as a box set (reason are so the design don't deviate). My loudness preference would be something you'd get in a movie theatre with car explosions and clear dialogue, but not so loud that your body vibrates as in a night club ambiance.

    Not really demanding as you can see.

    Probably a seperate DVD player (pro scan), nice 27" - 32" flat screen tele, 5.1 setup.

    Maybe 3k worth all together when its all said and done.

    One specific question I do have is which name brand of reciever I should go for. I'm leaning back and forth between a all in one setup (like the setup above) or get seperate components. Sacrifice awesome performance for mediocre performance but get a slim packaging. easy to manage and does not look too clustered (I hate clustered units).
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    Well if it were me, I would probably spend 600 to 800 on the tv. I would then spend around 150 for the dvd player. The remaining 2 thousand I would spend on audio. Let me know if u were going to spend more on the Tv...

    For the audio I would buy a reciever in the 300 to 400 dollar price range, depending on the features you need.

    Then for the speakers, I would go to a local store and audition the speaker sets they have for around 1 thoussand dollars for the set.

    For the subwoofer, I would reccomend the Adire Rava www.adireaudio.com . It is an excellent performer for a good price at 400 dollars. Svs is also highly regarded, as well as hsu research.

    So your total would be around 2,800 or so give or take. Cabling would probably cost another 60 dollars or so.

    What do ya think? Does that sound like a reasonable price range? Go cheaper? If those prices sound right about your level, let me know, and I will start throwing some suggestions out.
  8. The Bastard

    The Bastard Guest

    I'm going on a hunch and say you're using American dollars here. I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, so budget will decidedly based upon my next salary. I'm not firm on anything in terms of budget, but with respects to the television I'd like to go between $800-$1200 so 600-800 USD seems about right. The reciever you quoted seems abit high only because I'm not fully informed what significant role it plays in the whole grand scheme.

    I think it's probably best I put your services on hold til I'm more certain how I'm going to pay for these toys, then I can really put together a budget :big grin:
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    Yup, American Dollars. Are you talking american? Ok, well for the tv, you can go higher, we can just take more money out of the stereo portion. As for the reciever, you are right, 400 is probably a bit high, you can get a 200 dollar reciever and it will work just fine. Thats cool, just post back in here when you have a new budget...

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