What does everyone think of Sony, overall

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MisterRogers2, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Wondering what that general consensus on Sony is.....my personal choice is that I tend to favor them over Panasonic or Aiwa, and they play the whole field from computers to music to video games to entertainment systems (cost is a downfall, though)......
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    I have never had a problem with any of their equipment. However, I've only purchased mid-level items. I will continue to purchase Sony until I have a reason not to OR until I decide to start purchasing very high level equipment.

    List of sony Equipment that I own:
    Sony Wega 20" FV model
    Sony DVD HT DAV-S300
    Sony Trinitron Display 17" A200
    Sony Portable CD player
    Sony Portable MD player
    Sony Microphone (for MD player)
    Sony Playstation
    Sony Playstation 2
    Sony Cordless Phone (forget model #)
    Sony Headphones MDR-V6

    However, the only items I would purchase again if I was going the high level route would be:
    Sony Playstation 2
    Sony Headphones MDR-V6 (for CPU listening, I use Sennheiser 580s for home theater listening)

    Everything else would be switched out.
  3. JP

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    I love Sony products, but seem to have bad luck with their products.

    My PS2 is all over my table, my first ever CD player stopped working after 6 months, and my Sony Rack system from when I was 16 had the subwoofer blow after a year.

    But through all this, I still buy Sony. Saving up for a 40"HDTV right now.
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    Damn, I like Sony and have many Sony products but I got mad just reading your story :mad:
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    My personal opinion is that they make good quality products but they expect the customer to pay more because their name is attached to the product. Usually I can find products of similar quality for a lower price, so I will go for the other product. Sony does have a very wide range of products so that makes them attractive, but I think one would be better off going with some of the more specialized names in many cases.
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    Oh yeah,

    THey charge way too much for their proprietary shit. I bought a digicam from them thinking I had what I needed. It came with a small memory stick, so I bought a new one. A infolithium battery is around $60 w/o a charger. They have a starter pack that comes with a case, and a battery, but no charger. WTF? I don't see the charger at any store, so I'm baffled.

    And their PS stuff is $$, Memory cards and controllers are damn expensive.
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    I hate everything sony makes. I hate the company. I will never buy anything from them again. That is all :fawk:
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    I agree with you. I can't stand them.
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    i really like their home stuff but the car audio is junk i think
  10. The product's they make (research/develop) by themselve's are really good imo.

    But the stuff they license out to other manufacturer's then turn around and stick there label on it; is pure crap.

    The only electronic's I buy MUST be made in Japan. I know it's a dumb rule but it work's if you want quality stuff.
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    I suppose luck is with me then. I have never had to use Sony customer service.

    I'm starting to save up for some higher quality items, and not one of them happens to be a Sony...LOL. For those of you who say the products are big $$...isn't that the case with ALL manufacturers? I'm not sure that Sony is quite the devil (in sales) that people make it out to be.
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    May 6, 2000
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    They make good TV's and shitty audio stuff. :big grin:
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    I don't think that's the case. Everything made by Sony has a price premium over the same quality equipment from another manufacturer. Just a few things I have looked at:
    Sony home theater equipment - Same quality components available for lower price with more features from the likes of JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer.
    Sony DVD - Same quality components from Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC for less $$$.
    Certain companies just think they have a right to charge more for their name. Some examples would be Hewlett Packard in printers (I'm in for it now - I just insulted the God of printers), ASUS in motherboards, Intel in CPUs, Sony in electronics, etc.
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    Sony Xplod is poo poo. That is all.
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    i buy sony only when it is made in japan
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    Their portable audio is utter shit, I've gone thru 3 discman (discmen?) in total.

    However I did just pick up a 240W mini hifi for under $250. It has some great features, including 5 speakers for DVD surround sound. And it sounds pretty dang good if I do say so :cool:
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    Cruisin' Mos Espa
    I own nothing by Sony... their Monitors are some of the worst I've ever seen... (speaking from my personal experience) ... their CD drives suck for Home/Personal Audio as well as PC... their DVD players = SHIT compared to Panasonic's or Toshiba... even APEX ...

    their stuff is way over priced and overall its just ugly... its always grey n stiff... :big grin:

    To the guy with the PS2 problem... buy another one, take it apart, swap the entire DVD player device... then put your old one into the new one... and take it back and say "THIS PIECE OF SHIT DON'T WORK!!" ...

    Better yet... swap all the internals between the two and do so... :)

    Just don't pay by CC because Sony will eventually get to repairing the POS and track it if they believe the warranty was voided ;)

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