what does F&N think of Power Factor Training?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by uofapeter, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Apr 23, 2004
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    so if any of you guys have read Pete Sisco's e-book on Power Factor Training let me know what you think...

    he's all about long recovery time, static holds and partial reps with way over your 1RM in your strongest range. Interesting theories, but seems to go against current lifting ideology

    here's the link to the book http://www.bestsharing.com/files/ms00158807/power%20factor%20training%20-%20peter%20sisco.pdf.html

    the actual e-book is easier to read, and you can probably find it on kazaa if you want.
    here is the link to the e-book:
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