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  1. in your opinion- what would you think is goin on if your SO slowly started to fade away from you, because other things came up in there life. Not big things, but got a new car, got a new job, and then the relationship you had before that was GREAT slowly started not to be. Some people say that the person is just changing because of the changes in there life, and still loves just the same. but i've heard otherwise as well. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Depends on the situation, really.

    Sit said S/O down and talk to them about it. If they continue to seem distant, perhaps they just don't feel the same as they once did. It's not an unnatural occurance.
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    Sounds like the thing to do :hs:

    Don't suspect he's seeing someone else or anything of that sort right away, people's lives become MUCH busier after getting your own car and your own money. Just ask him how he honestly feels about everything.
  4. I think in a case like this, if you haven't already - discussing your feelings with the person would be the first line of defense in trying to understand what these changes are, and how they reflect on the relationship. Clearly the actions you've seen aren't to your liking. I think respectfully informing your partner of those feelings can be useful even if it doesn't yield the changes you'd like.

    Starting with communication, and then deciding who you are going to be relative to what she's doing is the most useful place to focus your energy. Deciding -- after finding out why she thinks or feels the way she does -- this can help you change some of the parameters of your situation.

    Sometimes it won't be simple though. It will depend on a lot of things, but you do have some power here and exercising it can't hurt.

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