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  1. I became seriously interested in a long term commitment with this girl that I really liked, and the tables have turned as she's not interested. I've only recently been interested in something long term, so it puts an interesting spin on things.

    For the most part the women I've dated have been interested in long term commitments with me, but I wasn't interested. So: What goes around comes around.

    It was only a matter of time before I landed on the other side of the relationship equation. I'll tell you, it does sting pretty good, but it's apart of life, and it's apart of pursuing romantic relationships.

    We all get bitten sometimes, but the good news is I was able to pick up the signs quickly that she wasn't interested. Actions do indeed speak louder than words, but thankfully she also was relatively obvious with her words too.

    Here's a good hint:

    "I will try to call you later, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to since I have a date tonight."

    So, be wise guys, and pay attention. I'm absolutely sure she would like to remain friends -- though I certainly didn't ask -- but I'm not a glutton for punishment so that's not going to happen.
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    Good thing for you she's pretty upfront about her situation, coulda been a lot more painful for you. You got off light :hs: Still sucks though.
  3. I'm pretty good at detaching, and I usually ignore words for the most part so I had a vibe a few days ago too that things were concluding quickly and so I decided to stop talking to her. I mean it had been less than a week, so it's nothing.

    I told my best friend I wasn't going to pursue her anymore and he got frustrated with me -- since he knew how interested I was -- and he told me "Give it more time, lighten up" so I trusted him figuring it couldn't hurt -- and of course my gut was correct, so it's cool, and it wasn't really a big deal to give it a little more time.

    It does suck, but disappointment can always be tempered by keeping expectations manageable, and that's what I did.
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