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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by _Kanwisher!, Jul 9, 2006.

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    I met this gorgeous girl, she's just perfect for me. We came to an opportunity where I could have taken her virginity she's 17 I'm 19, but I decided that although my penis wanted it, I should probably be a gentlemen in my life, not to mention I hadn't known her for very long. We were compatible to say the least.

    We get close the first night we hang out, we make out, I finger her, then when we get back to her house, she jacks me off, and it feels good.

    2 days later I'm just really looking forward to seeing her, I finger her, and trying eating her out (I suck at it and my tongue is short so i mainly just finger) and I say "let's 69". I was a bit weary because I know how excited I can get and I didn't want to get so turned on from eating her out and getting head at the same time that I would blow my load in 3 seconds. I turns out that we do this for over an hour, and I'm literally sick of the smell, and I'm not getting off, it feels good, but not getting off good.

    When she finished I no longer wanted to have sex with her, and I was only semi hard, did I semi get off and just stay hard? what happened. There seemed to be semen on my penis when she finished, but I didn't blow my load or get some good ending feelng like she was finished.

    I enjoyed cuddling with her for the remainder of the night, I was just CURIOUS to what happened.
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    Jan 2, 2006
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    sounds like the smell and taste turned you off....thus, you relaxed a little, and lost the desire to sex her.

    That, or you got anxious (in the nervous/bad way).
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    I was thinking the same thing about the smell taste, I was focusing so hard on pleasing her while dodging the test/ smell that I stopped focusing on getting off, and I WANTED to get off.
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    the "cum" on your dick was precum and the reason you lost interest had to do with the smell, which distracted you from the sexuality of the situation. you didn't orgasm at all.
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    What did the bish smell like? Normally after eating for a short amount of time I've found it smells like nothing. And 69ing for an hour? Yikes.

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