What is being done about the genocide in Myanmar?


Dec 10, 2020
What is being done about China and Myanmar committing holocaust against Muslims?
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Snake Pliskin

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May 8, 2013
Nothing. China sells us products on the cheap and have a powerful military, and nobody notices Myanmar.

That's the awful bottom line truth.


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Oct 27, 2003
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Our "president" is too spineless to simply say "stop targeting my troops, mother fucker! :mad:" to one of our foes, so I'll give you one guess what he thinks about Myanmar and the Uighurs.
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Jun 13, 2005
I'm currently going through these two books:




The first, I have been tracking for over a year and was just published toward the end of October or so - it offers a brief history, but then dives into the current crisis (it is also peer reviewed). The Hidden History of Burma is a less academic text, but still pretty decent in terms of general modern political histories. It is available on audible (I am currently listening to it).

I terms of other books, I found this one to be pretty good as an overview of the Rohignya issue:


It is written in a journalistic style which makes it a faster and perhaps more compelling read. It was also published like a week or two before the recent wave of violence against the Rohingya (that has taken place over the last couple of years) so the background isn't colored by it at all.

It isn't related specifically to the Rohingya, but I purchased this book earlier this week to dive further into some of Myanmar's other insurgencies (they represent some of the longest running active conflicts in the world). It is published through Cornell University Press and you can currently buy it at 47% off using code 09GIFT20 on their website.


Jumping back to China, if you wanted a more detailed history of the Uyghurs in China / East Turkistan then I would suggest this book from Harvard University Press. Their books are all currently 30% off with code HOLIDAY20 on their website.



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Jun 13, 2005
Or Armenians

I'd say what is happening in Armenia with the current ceasefire deal over Nagorno-Karabakh is very different from what the Uyghurs and Rohingya have been facing. Out of all of the books I've read on the subject this one has been my favorite peer reviewed text on the conflict:


The current peace deal effectively ending the frozen conflict of course means that the situation as described in this book has effectively been resolved for now (for better or worse); pending successful future negotiations and mediation.


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Jun 13, 2005
or the genocide of the sahrawi people in western sahara


Since I am suggesting books; this one is part travel log, part ethnography / research with some history of the conflict thrown in. It is academic, but not as dry and technical as many other such texts can be.

Their is also a Sahrawi press service (The Sahara Press Service) that offers news on the issue (when there is meaningful news outside of your typical PR stuff) https://www.spsrasd.info/news/en
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Remy Bressant

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Jul 24, 2015
Wall Street and the Waltons won’t let anyone fuck with China and impact the slave labor that allows share prices to climb.
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