What is currently the best program to convert mp3 to wav?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ve7, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. Ve7

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    I am trying to make the best Q CDs from 192 kbs mp3s. Any help is appreciated :wiggle:


    well if you use NERO to burn your cds it will convert them automattically.. its just goign to convert what it gets you cant make a lower quality mp3 any better so its just going to convert your mp3 into a wav
  3. nt

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    how does converting mp3 to wav benefit? i would have thought that once a file is compressed, the lost information is lost permanently and uncompressing the file would not "restore" that info.

    theoritically isn't it similar to broadcasting a cd over the radio and recording the broadcast on cd again. the second recording would only be as good as the radio broadcast.
  4. 04

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    Yeah, it is, but you are missing an important point. He probably doesnt care too much for sound quality. 95% of America probably could care less, it is the other 5% that realize what is going on. If everyone was an audiophile, then napster, kazaa, audiogalaxy would have never appeared because everyone took the quality seriously. Why do you think Bose sells so well? Style over sound quality.
  5. Ve7

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    Exactly that, I am burning discs for my car which has pretty nice stuff in it.

    I used my old standby, CDEX, and burned at the slowest speed my burner supports and the sound came out very well. I am just messing around to try to find the optimum way to make CDs of mp3s with hi Q in mind.

    I didn't use mp3s for ages since audiogalaxy died but I have just found out WinMX is now spyware free and so can get good 192 + mp3s, which are generally good enough for what my systems in the car and at home can reproduce.

    I was very happy with CDEX.

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