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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by veneratio, Jul 1, 2007.

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    I have been with a woman for over 7 years now. We separated a few times and the last one was from March to May of this year. When we were separated, I was seeing this girl but never slept with her. Now, every time we get in an argument, she tries to use that against me. When we go out to bar's, she seems very friendly to all the guys and they all are her friends, but when we are together alone she is all over me. I am just sick and tired of that shit, but I broke up with her before and after a few weeks I miss her. How do I resolve this, I really want this to end, she always bitches and complains. When we go out, she never has enough, always wants to go to parties with me after the bar closes.
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    You need to stop hanging around her. It quite simply is your problem, and not hers.

    That's the short answer.

    The long answer...ends up at the same conclusion, after giving a long in-depth explanation for why she would act this way.

    But in the end, it still remains, your problem. And not hers.

    If you must know there are literally hundreds of threads in here giving full detail. You can review them at your leisure.

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