What is needed to make this vehicle sparkle?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by moss, Apr 29, 2004.

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    In about a weeks time, I'm picking up a "new" car. First there's a few slight problems as far as paint an interior goes. The interior is COVERED in mildew. My solution, just buy a "new" interior(junkyard, etc). Second, the paint looks like it hasn't seen a good washing in many many years, it's from 1993.Pictures are here:Impreza L Wagon Pictures

    Now my question is, what do I need to do to get this car sparkle and shine like my current car does.

    In my possession now I have Meguiars Tan bottle... Fine Cut Cleaner, Swirl Remover, Show Car Glaze, and Hi Tech Yellow Wax, also NXT. I know I need to use the cleaner, but does one think I should go to a Medium cut or Heavy? I havent touched the car yet, so I have no idea on the full condition of the paint other than it looks like crap in the pictures.

    thanks :)
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    First of all, I am having a hard time getting by that insane red Subaru to click on the pics of the "new" car. :eek:

    Beautiful car, man. Can you post some closer/better pics of the wagon's paint? I am seriously hesitant to advise on this forum as I am one of the least-learned pranksters, but I wanted to drop in and say "nice car." :bigthumb:
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    paint doesn't look bad at all I'd do SFP -> Glaze -> NXT wax
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    First thing you need to invest in is a Porter Cable 7424 and cutting, polishing and finishing pads (about $200 shipping included if the Autopia store still has it on sale). Find out if there is a Meguiars pro distributer in your area and pick up DACP #83 and SFP #82. You already have Fine Cut #2 which is a bit more aggressive than DACP. Also grab a quart of #81 Hand Polish, much easier to use than #7 (#3 Machine Glaze is also excellent). Personally, I prefer Meguiars #16 Pro Paste Wax to #26. It has a clearer and wetter look but #26 is a touch deeper looking.

    #2>#82>#82>#81>#16 or #26

    Bear in mind, without seeing your paint in person, you may have to adjust the aggressiveness of the product recommendation. I would also suggest claying the paint after you go over it with #2. The reason you would not clay initially is because the paint seems to be so bad that using clay before polishing off some of the built up gunk on the paint will probably ruin the clay bar with a single use.

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