A&P What is the difference between Canon S and SD?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Nairb, May 29, 2005.

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    Right now I have a Canon A95 and am very happy with the quality of the pictures it takes. However, I find it sometimes too big and troublesome to carry around to take pictures because its pretty bulky in my pocket. So I might think of getting one of the ELPH cameras. After looking at a bunch of them, I still don't know the differences between the S and SD series of cameras. I see the S500 and S400 are each 5 mp and 4 mp, but the SD500 is 7.1 mp and the SD400 is 5. Can someone enlighten me on the differences between both series. I am not a hardcore photography buff and would just like the camera to take random pics of stuff and I am thinking of getting either the SD400 or S500. Thanks
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    S = Compact Flash based
    SD = Secure Digital based, thus smaller and lighter among other differences

    An a95 is too big? damn, a 1 body and 2 lenses is the least I would take with me, weighing in at around 8 lbs min

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