SRS What should be the best thing to do in this case?

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    A bit of backstory.
    My aunt went through a very bad divorce with my uncle. In the course of one year she went from having a solid marriage and a 2 year old bought house to absolutely nothing. As a result of this divorce, she lost her husband (obviously) and her house.

    After that, she found an apartment and a job, but she still didn't seem to recover from the big hit. She spent her whole free time smoking and sleeping till very late hours and a few months later she quit the job and got in debt.

    So she is basically a wreck and my mother took care of her (she is her sister). However it doesn't seem to have done a good thing as she spends most of her time closed in her own room in our basement. She can spend days without getting out of the room, and I can often see her smoking and sometimes crying.

    This is irritating my father a lot as she basically has taken the whole basement to herself and we can't even rarely go downstairs anymore due to privacy issues.

    The worst part is that she is starting to hallucinate after telling my mother that she is hearing people talking about her, when the only people that are on the house are my parents and they are out working most of the day.

    What should we do here? I get the impression that she needs professional help but my mother still believes she can help her by keeping her in our house. :sadwavey:
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    She definitely needs therapy IMO.
    Not only because she's hallucinating, but to get over her divorce.
    Your mom has good intentions, but she's not doing the right thing by just "being there".
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    get her in a psychologist office.

    shes likely schizophrenic or schizoaffective; counseling is a must, that will lead to a referral to a psychiatrist most likely and some medications. the hallucionations are a major symptom of those 2 disorders. either dust off the dsm iv or research it online then show your parents.

    most likely she will be best off staying in the house though. but unless you are doing something about its not going to fix anything. in fact that disorder may have had something to do with the divorce but thats just purely speculation.

    get her in help. . . i am not a doctor, or psychologist, but ive had experiences with someone hearing things like that....

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    That's unfortunate.

    Sounds like the grief and stress wore her down.

    How long has this been going on? She's demonstrating signs of prolonged grief, alternating between clinical depression. Has anything else been going on?

    I'm glad to see everyone has her utmost concern at heart. That's sarcasm. She needs space, but she may also need help. If you take someone in who is in grief, you have to be willing to carry the burdens that come a long with that. That's your responsibility (Or your mother's I should say)

    When did this begin, and what type of voices are we talking about? What was said, what else is going on with your aunt, is she physically unwell too?

    It really depends on what's actually going on. It could be grief, it could be a combination of things. It could be something entirely unrelated to what happened. I think she does need to see a doctor for an evaluation, and perhaps a recommendation of grief counseling once she's declared "ok" by a medical physician.

    That's my advice. You have to take into account other possibilities unrelated to grief alone when someone begins to exhibit this pattern. It doesn't mean anything else is wrong, it could very well be prolonged grief and depression. Don't assume that though.
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    She definitly needs professional help, if she could have recovered by herself she would have done that months ago, its time to step in and take actions and get her a counceller or psychologist that can help her deal with her emotional sadness so that she can start recover her life, work again and get rid of her debts, don't listen to your mother who thinks that she can do this on her own, basically your mom is just saying she needs to figure this one out on her own because she is afraid to confront the situation, time to put out your sleeves and give her the right directions to the help she deserves.
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    therapy is in order ASAPP
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    fuck, get her some help.

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