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    I'm going to try and make this story as short as I possibly can while attempting to include all of the major details:

    Alright, so this story actually starts a couple years ago when I was introduced to a group of people by my best friend that became some of my better friends (I was in highschool at the time). In this group there was a girl, Meagan, who I didn't think too much of at the time. I wasn't attracted to her any more than the other girls in that group, but she took more of a liking to me.

    In fact, soon after she first told me she really liked me, she became more and more seemingly obsessed over me. This is also the time I got together with my ex (a different girl), and had a pretty good relationship with her for 8 months. Well, this was during the second half of my senior year and I thought that Meagan was crazy for liking me so much and for crying over me and the like, and there even came a point where she cried everyday in school because I was graduating and I'd leave her behind (even though I was with someone else at the time, but she didn't go to that school.. so I guess to Meagan it could've easily been imagined that I was single), and this was when I tried to distance myself from her more than ever.

    For awhile I didn't talk to Meagan at all, but continued a good friendship with our circle of friends. Well, my gf disliked Meagan for obvious reasons, and when we broke up, there was a little less tension between Meagan and I, and she had also had time to cool off and wasn't seeming so crazy, so slowly I befriended her once more. This was around a year ago, and we've been friends ever since. And she even had a boyfriend for awhile, which I found to be a great thing.

    Now after years of pushing her away I think that I may want a relationship with her. I'm pretty sure she still likes me, but can control and contain her feelings a lot better now and she has grown up a lot, and I have also found her to be more physically attractive now more than ever. I haven't been in a relationship for a little over a year now, and I'm thinking that I'm about ready to get back into dating, and she even said that she wanted to get back to dating.

    Here are the reasons I'm not sure that I should date her:

    1) She has obsessed over me in the past (but seems like she's past that now).
    2) We're better friends now than we've ever been and I'm afraid that I will somehow screw things up.
    3) I know that if things don't work out it will most likely end our friendship.

    This among other things... I hope that some of you can see my predicament (even though I typed this out pretty sporadically on top of being really tired, but not being able to sleep), and can offer some advice. :x:

    Thanks in advance.

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