A&P What should i look for in a flash?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by kellyclan, Feb 24, 2004.

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    A 300D will be on my doorstep tomorrow. :x: :joshers:

    What should i be looking for in a decent flash? A lot of the things i'm interested in shooting are in poor ambient lighting.

    Reasonable cost for me at this point would be ~$200 but up to $300 if really worth the extra.
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    Sigma DG Super if you can't afford the 550ex I'm considering one for my 300d
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    1. One that offers several automatic as well as manual modes. Also, the more powerful the light, the more useful it will be especially when shooting in larger areas.

    2. One that has a swivel head so you can rotate the flash and "bounce" the light off a card or ceiling. Vivitar use to make a mount that held a 8"x10" white/grey card that mounted to the head of the flash. The flash would bounce off the card, diffusing the light.

    3. While you're at it, purchase a small $50 strobe along with a "slave" unit so you can have two strobes. The primary strobe will fire the slave strobe. Using multiple light sources will greatly enhance your photos.

    4. Using a bracket to hold the strobe off the camera is helpful as well.

    5. Buy yourself a longer flash to camera cord so you can mount the strobe on a light stand or have an assistant hold it. Your pictures will often look much better if you don't have the strobe right next to the camera lens.

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