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    okay im at a lan party and im using my desktop when all of sudden the whole things shuts off.... i got the lights for the ether plug but when i try turning on the computer the fans would start then after couple seconds like 5 ... it stops..... after leaving it alone it starts up. i looked at the hardware monitor and its telling me that the -12v is goind down to 1-10.096 and back up to -11.096 and then back down to the -10. and everytime it goes to -10 it gives me a red light. what is going one here does ne one got ne idea. im using my old (4years old) laptop to go online. this is my spec

    ati 9200 pro
    2 harddrive 60 and 200gig
    2 fans (one of them being a heatsink)
    the psu i got is 450ws
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    Your BIOS probably has a way to shut off the voltage monitoring, but unless the voltage monitor is broken, this won't fix the problem. It should keep your computer from shutting off to try to save its life, though.

    Voltage tends to fluctuate anyway as a result of being transmitted across un-insulated power lines over hundreds of miles through sun, rain, lightning, etc. The best thing you can do to eliminate outside sources of power fluctuation is to buy the cheapest backup battery you can find, just enough to fill in the gaps when the power dips a little.

    If the problem is in your PSU, your only option is to replace it. You might have a blown capacitor in the PSU or on the motherboard, and that would reduce your power quality. There was a huge batch of bad capacitors made a few years ago, and they're blowing out left and right now. If your motherboard or PSU is 2-3 years old, you may be a victim.

    The faulty capacitors are wrapped in black and gold plastic, and a blown capacitor will either have rust on the exposed metal on top, or else it will look like metal popcorn. Have yourself a look-see.

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