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    Posted this in asylam too...just seeing if i get different views from the people who freaquent the 2 forums....

    k....so ive known this girl for almost 3 years...she was married for the first 2 then got a divorce. she has always been very physical interacting with me(kino-flirtatious touching) but not with any other guys i see her talking to...not even her husband when they were married.

    anywho diddn't see her for like 3 months almost after her divorce then we started to go out every few weeks or so and grab a bite to eat or what not or what not.

    so anyway 2 weeks ago i decided to go for the ole be more than friends plan and had my friend kari deliver a flower and hot choclate to her at work. after that she was even more physical in her interactions with me. we had set up a tentitive date last week and i was to call her and set some plans. she didn't answer her phone so i left a message. (she rarely answers her phone anway but normally she calls back.)

    she didn't call back. and the date never happened. i texted her and a bunch of my friends a mass happy thanksgiving message and she didn't text back. which is also weird since she is a text junky.

    now the situation is a little different than normal since i have known her for a while. now normally if a girl did this id just drop her from my life however this time i can't really do that since i am her friend and will see her again anyway.

    ive all but written this one off so far and i still might since im pretty disapointed that she did this and its out of charachter for her to do this without reason.

    so my question is.....should i treat this as a lost cause after seeing if she tries to make up for it or not........or.....do i lay low and play it cool before giving it another go a couple weeks down the road. So is she doing this to test me....playing hard to get and see how i react if she stands me up and see if ill be a little puppy and call her 5 times since she didn't call back.....or is she being a confused standard women that doesn't know what she wants from me or any other guy for that matter.(which might be true since she was married and was the one to choose divorce....kinda spells she doesn't know what she wants to a certain extent.)

    also know that iv'e crossed that line of trying to be more than friends so my choices are pretty much go for it or drop her from my life. since i am attracted to her and i don't know if i can be around her with out acting on what i want. Dunno if thats normal but i never really have been able to be friends with a women ive tried to be together with and got denied. just too much weird emotions going on i guess between us when ive been in that situation before.

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