What to do with kernel_data_inpage_error blue screen?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Gen5_EG, Aug 25, 2007.

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    I just recently got this on my Sony VAIO laptop. Happened about 4 times already. Most recently it was last night. What would happen is the mouse or whatever I'm doing would hang. Then I would get an hour glass. Then I would hear a loud "click" or a "clank" which I'm not sure if it would be the hard drive. Then I would lose control of anything. So, I would do a control+alt+delete and nothing would happen. So I begin to press all the keys down..........then I get a blue screen saying: kernel_data_inpage_error

    And then like toward the bottom it would say something like beginning dump of physical memory or something like that. Not sure on that error.

    But this problem is intermittent and can happen sometimes and sometimes be fine. It's just that I hope to not be doing anything important at the time when it does go down.

    But now, I'm posting this via the same computer which seems to be acting okay now. :x:

    But, as a precaution, I already backed stuff up to my external 250GB Seagate.

    Anyone have any tests or anything I could run? I ran HD Tune and it said that my HD's health was fine and no bad sectors. I even did a defrag, ran a virus scan on it, etc. Not sure what else to do.
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    This is usually caused by a bad hard drive, or bad RAM. It can also be a virus, but I would suspect a bad hard drive first if you are hearing noises too. :)

    First run a test on the hard drive. You can download something like SeaTools:

    If you run that and the hard drive comes out OK, then run memtest86 on the RAM to see if it is good.
    You can download and burn it to a CD. Then you will need to boot the computer from the CD and this will test the RAM.

    Usually one of the two will be the culprit. If not, run a good virus scan. :)

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