what to look at when a win2k server freezes out of the blue.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 2000GT, Nov 17, 2004.

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    I have a 2win2k server, dual xeon, 2gig ram, raid 5 hot swappable server. It is a domain controller that works hand in hand with a sql server and a app server.

    It has recently been freezing out of the blue. No event log errors, no log errors of any sort. All of a sudden the mouse, and keyboard and screen are completely frozen.

    I restart and everything is fine.

    I have made sure the room is cool and the case is getting airflow - other than that I am not sure what else to look at?
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    Look into Linux... :mamoru: Just kidding...

    1. look for corrupted hardware
    2. look for corrupted driver

    if you can ghost the machine back to a known good state, then that might help, too. If it still freeze in such case, maybe look into a bad RAM stick?

    3. I would probably also look into videocard and see if the fan on it crap out

    at last... maybe your machine got owned... :rofl: Seriously, that happens...

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