what to wear under burberry check collared shirt?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Cjddrum1, Apr 7, 2007.

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    lol okay so i know when they say "the closet" they dont mean fashion, :) but I couldnt find any "fashion" category so I figured you all were the next best thing to help me lol....

    Im going out tonight w/ few people and I am wearing this shirt:

    Anyways, what do you all suggest I wear with it/under it? The collar inside it has the burberry khaki check patter and so do the sleves underneath (like if u rolled them up its the pattern)

    I was thinking a few buttons undone w/ a black shirt? or maybe just plain white? Then I was going to wear some dark blue jeans w/ it and a black watch...im not sure if I should roll up the sleves or not :ugh:

    anyways, any opinions or suggestions?

    Also since its cold out I was going to plan on wearing a khaki lacoste jacket....yes or no?
  2. jj1814

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    Jul 11, 2004
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    Cincy, OH
    definately white undershirt.

    and don't roll up the sleeves....

    which makes me wonder how much u paid for the shirt and why Burberry if you're never going to roll up the sleeves. Is the quality of that shirt really that superior? I really dont know....I dont own a Burberry thing.

    as for the jacket....light khaki or dark khaki? I expect you will be taking it off once inside?

    *edit* hahaha....i think this response comes a bit late
  3. Cjddrum1

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    ^lol ya

    IDK I like the feel and fit of burberry shirts... I have 5 dress shirts from them and they are all really comfortable and look good...their polos fit nice too
  4. jordan04

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Well, I think it's cool that you bought the shirt because you like the quality and not solely because of the brand. Let's leave the need to show off every designer label to the classless nouveau riche.

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