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    ** cliffs @ bottom

    Ok, heres the situation betweeen me and my gf....we started dating 3 1/2 yrs ago in the summer time. i had a gf at the time we met and she had a bf, but we hung out (never did nething sexual though). we both broke up w/ our so's around the same time and dated for roughly 2 months (i fucked her, and a week later ......... then i broke up w/ her and that same weekend i broke up w/ her i banged my ex gf down at college. a couple more months go by and i had broken up w/ my ex gf AGAIN(the one i banged). Then that october my g/f (current) and i started hanging out again and have been together ever since. Well, we spent A LOT of time together and summer came and her and her friends went to the beach together. This guy there liked her and they flirted, danced, hung out etc....then , they get back home and start hanging out together behind my back. She ended up making out w/ him, holding hands out, and talking on the phone w/ him hours at a time . Well, her and i move in together like a month after this happened ( I had NO IDEA at the time). Then a cople months go by and she told me this story of what happened between them (cus she felt bad hiding it from me), then a couple months go by and she adds to the story what happened between them, then again, and finally 7 months later i got (supposedly the full story). I was going to break up w/ her but i didnt b/c i do love her. Now, i dont trust her when she goes out w/ the same group of girls she went on this vacation w/...which leads to fights.

    Would u be w/ ur g/f know ing my situation.

    CLIFFS: we dated 2 months, i fucked her, then broke up w/ her a week later to bang my ex gf, then 3 months later got back together, dated 9 months, she made out, held hands, talked w/ for hours a day w/ this 120 lb douchebag. WE MOVE IN TOGETHER< THEN....she tells me 4 diff stoiries of what happened w/ in 7 months, now i dont trust her w/ groups of girls which leads to fights. break up or stay together?
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    So you fucked her and broke up and within 48 hours "banged" your ex- and that's ok, but she kissed her ex- and that's not?

    Either accept your relationship for what it is or end it. You don't love her and she doesn't love you.


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