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    Okay, here is a situation.

    I am in my last year at university and next semester will be my last one. (Yes, my school has tri-semester system... and summer semester is pretty much same as other semesters)

    During my eariler year at school, I took this one elective course.... I did not do well and I failed it. I hated that course and did not enjoy it that much.

    Now, it is holding down my GPA and I want to keep a better GPA to keep my options open.

    Here is a problem now. That course is offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It has one-hour lectures on each of those days in the afternoon.

    The problem is that if I stay in that course, I won't be able to get into other upper level courses (in my major and minor) that I want to take.

    I know that if I re-take that course again, I cannot do worse and school will only count a better mark. So better I do, better it will be for my GPA.

    But that also means that I cannot take those other upper level courses, which I am confident that I can get at least B in it. I will also know people in that class as well as profs who are teaching it.

    And I can't even take those courses at other colleges and transfer the grade.

    I really don't know what to do... If you were me, what would you do?
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    This is something you should discuss with your professors, as they usually have more insight in what is most benefitial , in my opinion if you do the elective choice another time and get good grades in it, it will restore your situation, drawback from that is that its a course you hate, and there's absolutely no garentee you will do it any better then you did last time.

    If i where you id take the upper level courses, at least there lies your confidence that you will succeed in, its no use trying to steer a sinking ship , i believe you will fail the elective course again, not because you don't have the capacity but because you downright hate that course, succes can only be achieved by people who enjoy what they do, so my fingers point towards the upper level courses, although i would prefer if you would discuss that decission with your professors before you do anything.

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