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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by blaq19, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Sorry if this is kinda long... just to fill you guys in a little.

    I have been hanging out with this group of people for about the past 2 years, in the beginning it was cool we all hang out and whatnot blah blah you know the usual tight knit group shit.

    As of the past 4-5 months I have noticed that these people treat each other like shit and talk about each other and have no loyalty to one another, whereas I hold friendship ABOVE family due to not having any.

    So I started slowly cutting myself away from the group and not hanging out and now there are only 2 out of the whole group who I trust and consider friends and one of them happens to be my best friend and he is pretty much the center of our group he is the one that holds shit together and he's also the one in the group who's family is better than well of and everyone of them in some way or form use him for what he has and I really hate that shit! I tried talking to him but he's really passive and just wants things back to how they used to be but I know they never will!

    One of the other guys that hangs out with us was the first person I met out of the group and he now thinks that I have been fucking his girlfriend for months because we happen to dance together at the bar or a party, but they also have relationship issues and who knows what she's telling him to make him jealous cause he's openly seeing another girl!
    (she did get my number and call me when she was drunk and he was right next to me)

    To sum this big ass story up the past few days I finally made the stand to just stop dealing with this bullshit and cut everyone out and not hangout when they're all going to be in one place. It sucks cause I haven't talked to my bestfriend in like a week and he thinks I'm mad at him, although I am a little just cause I want him to stand up for himself.

    Is this the wrong way to go about it? What should I do? I'm really confused...
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    Explain to your best friend that you're sick of the drama and will not hang out with them anymore. You'd still like to hang out with him just not with the rest.
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    I'd make friends that cause less drama. There was a girl I used to be good friends, but she started trying to bring me into drama she'd create with other people. Finally, I told her flat out that being friends with her was too stressful and I wasn't really interested in hanging out with her anymore. She cussed me out, to which I respectfully said "I'm sorry you feel that way. Goodbye" and I left. I haven't spoken to her since. She has badmouthed me behind my back (because that's the kind of crap that she would do to other people that made me not want to be friends with her) but no one took her seriously. It has been a huge weight off my shoulders.

    My only advice is try to surround yourself with people that are better for you. Friends are supposed to be positive things in life. You don't need to be insensitive about it, but you have to look out for yourself. For me, I'd rather have a few really great friends than a lot of crappy ones.

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