What's the best way to ask a girl out?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by spornf, Jan 25, 2005.

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    When asking girls out I always drop the ball. I know my problem is I think too much. I also wait untill it's too late to ask girls out. By the time I work up enough courage to ask them out, I find out they already have a boyfriend. Now there's a girl I've known for about three years. I know she likes me because earlier this year she asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with her, just her and I. Not just that, I just have that gut feeling she likes me. It's primarily how she acts around me. Always showing affection and shit. Anyways I gave her my home phone and cell phone number. We've both been real busy with work and school, so we've only gotten a chance to talk on the phone. I want to know how to ask her out.
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    wait wait wait.......she asked you if you wanted to see a movie with her? You DID didn't you? because if you said no, then she might have thought your not interested. Either way, just ask her if she wants to hang out sometime.
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    fuck d00d, just call her when youre hangin' out with your buds. If youre going to go to a movie with some friends, just call her and say " me and my buddies are all headin to see -movie-, just thought you might want to come along"

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