What's up with the PS2 network adapter??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Oderus Urungus, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Everywhere I go this thing has been sold out for weeks and no one really knows when more are coming. The clerk at TRU says Sony may have stopped production temporarily because the system (by this I assume he means their servers) cant handle the load? 99% of the time the people that work at these places have no idea what they are talking about anyhow so can someone shed some light??
  2. Easy, Sony didnt make anywhere near enough of them. Ya know, after the whole memory card crisis, you'd think they would have learned their lesson and actually made more of the damn things. So for now, you're SOL.

    Makes me glad my buddy works at EB and held one for me :fawk:
  3. Buck-O

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    Makes me glad my XBox has one built in. :fawk:
  4. smoothstanza

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    too bad xbox sucks and u pay for it.
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    they are around you just have to call stores every week for one. there are like 8 millon playstations and they only made 300k network adpaters for shipment. so that is why it is hard to find one. but there will be more on the way. and by the way network adapter rules. and if xbox doesn;t do good at x-mas they might scrap it.
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    Sucks? Hardly...and so what if i pay for it...i can play ANY game. Including MMPOG's. Dont think that Sony will keep it free forever. Publishing companies will eventually cash in...big time. Guarenteed.

    Id much rather prefer that MS handles ALL of the on-line aspects of XBox Live! rather then letting developers do it on their own. A couple pay to play games for the PS2, and my $50 a year wont seem like so much anymore.
  7. The only games slated to have a fee on PS2 as of now are FFXI, Everquest, and Star Wars.

    SOCOM, Twisted Metal Black Online, Tony Hawk, 4x4 Evo, and many others are still free. And SOCOM OWNZ ANYTHING that will be out for Xbox Live
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    1: SLATED...meaning that they are the only ones that have been anounced as pay to play. And you seriously think those will be the only ones in the next year that will be pay to play? I doubt that very seriously. Especially with companies like Sierra and EA involved, that are all about making money by any means.

    2. If i where you, i wouldent put money on a bet that SOCOM would own ANYTHING on X-Box live...once Halo goes on-line...the player stats will mosre then likely be greater then SOCOM ever thought of doing.
  9. too bad Halo is a half assed, boring, waste of media. The graphics are shody, the controls suck, the weapons are boring at best, and the vehicles arew laughable. EVERYTHING in SOCOM is based directly on real life Navy Seals, their weapons, their vehicles, and their missions. All the motions in the game were performed by real navy Seals (except the dying and getting shot, those were done by one of the creators as the seals just didnt know how to do the movements)
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    Its not bassed in real life...if it where bassed in real life, all of the Navy SeALs would use a mouse and KB.:rolleyes:
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    All I can say is Halo is laughable compared to SOCOM. It is as close to reality as any game ive ever seen. There are no plasma riflies or any of that crap. All you need is some camo, a good hiding spot, and your m4A1 SD.
  12. I agree with tintd, SOCOM is SO realistic its sick! You shoot someone in the leg, and they hobble around on their leg still firing off rounds at you. The only way to kill someone with one shot is by shooting them in the heart or the chest. If you get shot in the leg, your character limps. The voice interaction is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. you can easily send your second unit in ahead of you to lear an area out, have them escort hostages to extraction points, or anything else you want them to do, just say the word and they do it. Its even better online talking to the 14 other players on your team, or taunting the terrorists. SOCOM easily ownz anything on XBOX
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    im planning on picking up a network adapter

    i had to search the net to find it :bigthumb:

    i cant wait to play twisted metal online :x:
  14. According to my local EB, another shipment will be coming in next week. Which probably means Sony has another batch shipping out, so I'd ask around at local gamestores and try and reserve one if you can.

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