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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Bam Bam, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Falling for someone completly and becoming emotional attached. You both like each other a lot and want to date, but it never happens because of some situation. nothing physical happens. Maybe some friendly hugging, cuddling, and such but no sex. And then losing that person due to uncontrollable circumstances.


    Settling for someone. Youre not emotionally attached at first but then he/she grows on you, but youre still missing an ex the whole time. You have sex but kiiind of wish it was with someone else. And then you break up.

    What would hurt you more?
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  2. RyaN95i4

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    1st example is a sharper pain.

    2nd example is a weak, lingering pain.
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    Wow, I would hate to have that on my concience.

    Nothing worse then thinking that the person I am in love with, isn't someone I really want to love or be with.

    Once you break up, you have to move on. There is a reason why you broke up. And you have to accept that. If you can't then you shouldn't get yourself involved in another relationship because you know in the back of your mind, that old relationship will still linger.

    Care to give us more details on your situation here? I am curious to know if this is something you are experiencing?

    What would hurt me more is knowing that I am with someone who thinks I love them but in reality I love someone else. (Does that sound confusing? :dunno:)

    If two people feel they belong with each other, then they will. If only one person feels that way, then it's time to accept it and move on.

    It's hard, but must be done.
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    I've been involved in both. #2 is worse because you are much more at fault. #1 there wasn't really much you can do. perhaps you have some regrets but it takes two.

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