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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by UncleMeat, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Be nice now... I'm not wondering about aesthetics... but what can I do to make the quality of my pictures better? I know the light is lacking, but using the flash on my camera just made everything look very unnatural and caused some real ugly reflections. Plus the pictures just don't seem to crisp.

    I'm using a Minolta Dimage 5, I tried putting everything to automatic. I've generally had pictures turn out very nicely by doing this, not perfect, but a ton better than this. I know I'll have to manually adjust a few things, but where should I start? Sorry for being so vague.

    here are the pictures in question:
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    it seems as if you're shooting at a funky time.... i've found shooting cars always works best right at sunset, while your photos seem to be maybe like half an hour or more after the sun's gone down..

    kinda grays everything out, and with your car it'll make it seem really flat... try shooting a bit eariler, and maybe find a parking garage that's more of a yellow compared to the dark gray of the road behind you...

    just some suggestions...
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    Definetly need a better light source, and backdrop. Atleast make it so you can't see the house and the garage that badly needs a powerwashing. Also, while the angles you took the pics at could turn out a very coo artsy shot, at least take some of the more accepted and used shots as safety shots so you have something if the others don't turn out. Head on, rear-view, side, and especially 3 quarters turn out well. And possibly lowering the camera to the height of the car rather than shooting down on it.

    Definetly work on the background though, which of these is more intresting to look at?
  4. UncleMeat

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    I guess I'll have to take the car for a spin and just bring a bottle of spray on cleaner with me. Thanks for the tips guys.

    I think I spend too much time trying to work with what I'm given, like bad lighting and crappy scenery, when I could've driven down to an open field a few blocks away. hehe

    BTW - if your garage was 70 years old too, you'd know that it was beyond powerwashing! :big grin:

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