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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by dmora, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. dmora

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    I've got a Sony F717, and i use the P mode because i dont know what to set the other stuff at for manual.

    Ignoring the lighting of course, the images always seem to be grainy, but im not sure if thats normal or if there's any way to fix that by learning manual settings.

    click this link for an example.
    if u make the image 100% you can see a lot of grain. Even on propperly focused images they're grainy.

    Any suggestions?
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    i don't know how to read the info from the pix as to what the camera settings were, but I'm assuming because the lighting was so shitty that the camera set itself to either ISO 400 or 800... that would definately give you the noise you are seeing there...
  3. TypeSDragoon

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    it's becuase you are indoors and in a "low light" situation

    the camera bumped up to 400 ISO to compensate for the low shutter speeds

    File: pix.jpg
    File size: 2,301KB
    Camera Model: CYBERSHOT
    Date/Time: 2003:10:04 11:34:14
    Shutter speed: 1/40 sec
    Aperture: 2.0
    Exposure mode: Program
    Exposure compensation: +1/3
    Flash: On
    Metering mode: Multi-segment
    ISO: 400
    Focal length: 10.0mm
    Image size: 2560 x 1920
    Rotation: none
    White balance: Auto

    if you went down to ISO 100 , the shutter speed probably would have be a full 1 second or more

    i know from experience in taking pictures of cars indoors. you need to use a tripod instead of doing things handheld. otherwise you are going to have low shutter speeds and everything will be blurry from handheld

  4. dmora

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    hmmmm... muchas gracias.
    I need to take more pix so i can show u other cases of my photo blunders :sad2:

  5. fliptight

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    lol hum.. 1/40 at ISO 400 should be:

    1/20 at ISO200
    1/10 at ISO100

    either way it wouldnt have been handholdable as a 1 sec exposure, but just making a correction
  6. christian

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    Sep 29, 2003
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    thanks for the info..i have the same Sony F717

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