What's your SPL???

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Axilrod, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Axilrod

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    My highest is 150.8 on Audiocontrol with 1 DD 9512 and 2400 watts.
  2. Axilrod

    Axilrod Guest

    God sorry man, but SPL is a hobby as is Sound Quality, and I respect both equally. But I'm young, are you telling me you were never a basshead???
  3. 04

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    If you ask me, the whole SPL deal is meaningless. sure you can hit 150dB on a meter, but your car cannot produce that continuously, nor can you do that at very many frequencies. I mean come on, 2 second burps? I am not saying at all that some of the cars are nothing short of an engineering feat, but in reality all they are is devices to play the loudest note possible, not musical reproduction devices - like what a car stereo should be.

    I also dislike the fact that people will tune their enclosures to like 50hz so that the peak frequency is 60hz. That is terrible for listening to music. First all you get is one note bass, with extreme rolloff below and above the tuning frequency. A lot of your program material is below that, and you are really missing out when your woofer is unloading below its tuning frequency.
  4. Axilrod

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    This is all true, and I didn't make my stereo for SPL. The box it was in that posted high numbers was tuned to 47 hz, my Daily driver box is tuned to 31.

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