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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Falconer, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Do they make video cards with 3 outputs?

    Right now I have an invidia card with 2 outputs which I am using for my 2 17" LCD monitors. Eventually I think I want to get a third which will be a 22" wide screen LCD for watching movies and TV (I also have a TV tuner card).

    Do I need to get a new card with 3 outputs? Or can I get a PCI card and use that as my third?

    Originally, when I got my second monitor, I had an AGP card with one output, so I bought a PCI card with one output and they were not compatible. I ended up taking it back and buying my current AGP card with two outputs. I guess I'm worried about having another incompatibility issue.

    I've also seen this adapter you plug a monitor into and it is supposed to divide your signal so you can get two monitors connected into one output. IIRC it was like $200, tho, and I could get a PCI card for less.

    I'm going to want to keep my start menu on only one monitor, like I have it now, if that makes a difference. And I want it so when I maximize a window, it only fills the screen that it is on (so no horizontal expand where it fills up everything).


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