Whenever I'd see a pet loss thread here, I'd go and hug him.

El Slotho

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Sep 13, 2001
Wine Country
Please go hug yours for me.


Red Ranger, 2013-2020

Tl/DR: A man loses his dog and is distraught, tells story on Internet forum hoping it will help deal with the abyss. Like every dog before him and every dog to come after him, he was the best dog in canine history.

In late 2013, in Tallahassee, Fla., a person heard cries from a dumpster and found two starving Doberman mix puppies inside. In a stunning redemption of the same humanity that threw them away, he brought them to a vet, gave them his credit card and asked that they be restored to health and delivered to the closest rescue organization.

This person refused to be named, assumed all veterinary costs, and disappeared.

The two landed at Dobe Rescue of Northern Florida, where Judy, the owner, named them “Little Red Ranger” and “Walker, Texas Ranger,” but Walker was renamed Booker after a short time.

We were living in Destin, Fla., and were mourning the loss of an elder dog, a miniature pinscher named Diesel. Diesel was also a rescue, and had lived an amazing 20 years with fifteen of them with us. We were hurting, but we knew that Diesel had lived a great life and we were ready to rescue again after a few months.

Red saved us. His loving, gentle intelligence was matched by his energy and happiness, and it was our mission to show him the best life a dog could have - Especially given his rough start. He traveled up and down the eastern seaboard, he crossed coasts with us on our Great American Road Trip from CT to CA in 2015, he was our constant companion and it makes this loss so very hard to bear.

Before we left Florida, we reunited him with his brother for an afternoon:

He loved to swim:

He loved the beach:
El Slotho

El Slotho

Quirked up white boy goated with the sauce
Sep 13, 2001
Wine Country
He was a fixture at the dog park:

He had Dobe play dates:

He ran with me:

We loved this dog with everything we had and last week we lost him. He was a little over seven years old and had been with us with for six of them.

It began with trouble opening his mouth when he would yelp when fetching his ball. After initial testing, everyone thought it was a manageable degenerative disease. Three weeks ago, in the usual course of this horror of a year, it was revealed to be an inoperable cancerous jaw tumor that was so aggressive it was unable to be treated, not even with radiotherapy, by the time we were able to get him to the right doctors.

The end of his suffering, especially during his final days while we waited for the CT scan appointment to learn our treatment options - of which there were none, of course - should provide some solace but it doesn’t. It cannot. In the end, the only final act of love allowed us was that of mercy.

Six years was not enough. I know “Why?” is a worthless joke of a question and still scream it, only to be met with the cold, cruel universal response of “Fuck you, why not?”

Indeed. Why fucking not. Our loss is nothing compared to the total global suffering this year but God damn it this has destroyed us.


Goodbye, Red. We love you. And I’m so very, very sorry.


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Jun 2, 2005
Sorry man. That's horrible. Wish there was something I could say that would cheer you up. :hug:


Aug 24, 2006
So sad and a very tough experience. I’ll take these moments to explain to my 5yo old why I got some dirt in my eye. That’s a great memory of a post to come back and look at. Godspeed doggo


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Feb 12, 2006
Ah man. I’m so sorry. Said goodbye to mine this summer, and it still sucks. Looks like you gave him an amazing life, you should feel happy knowing that he was loved every day since you got him. :hug: :


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Nov 15, 2001
Sorry for your loss, I'm gonna be a wreck when my dog goes

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