Where are some good AUDIO FORUMS?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by thegeneral, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. thegeneral

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    Anyone know any highly trafficed message boards for home audio?

    Besides Home Theater Forums?

    I am kind of interested in one that is more MUSIC (cds, sacds, concert dvds) based. And where its users use more stuff like JM Lab, Monitor Audio, etc. I'm tired of seeing Klipsch and Paradigm everywhere on HTF. :(
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  3. thegeneral

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    thanks guys. :cool:
  4. thegeneral

    thegeneral Guest

    Here's my review after about 20 minutes of browsing:


    Dont like the people there at all.
  5. 04

    04 Guest

    How come?

    It depends on the forum you read too.....

    The pispeakers forum is really good if you like high efficiency stuff...

    Propellerhead plaza's pretty good too.
  6. Phreaxer

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    www.elitecaraudio.com has some good conversations about home theater... you should check it out. most of the guys are very wise with home setups...
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    take some time to get used to audioasylum. alot of "big name" people in the industry... owners, designers, etc post there. If you can filter out the shit there is tons of good info from people with years of experience.
  8. thegeneral

    thegeneral Guest

    One thing I've noticed is that none of the high end audio forums use boards similar to this one. The format is SHITTY on AudioAsylum, for example. I can't even look through it, that's how much it bothers me. :sad2:

    I'm getting used to Audiogon though, I love that board. :bigthumb:

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