Where can I get cord keepers -wire loom

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by El Beaner, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Or anything that will protect my cords against my kittah. I have searched and searched and can't find a place that has anything.

    This is why I need them

    I went to play my 360, and turn it on, but there was no sound. I was like, WTF??? SO I make sure my receiver is on the right input device and it was. So i check the cable and immediately had this face :eek4:. My Toslink Optical cable was chewed to shit.
    I then turn and see my kittah laying on the couch like nothing happened :squint:.

    So now I need to get a new Toslink cable. Then I said, well let me check other cables.

    List of kittah damage:
    Toslink Optical cable
    Wire from pc speakers to PC
    Charging cable for my phone
    3 feet of speaker wire for my surround sound
    AC cord for my rechargeable batteries
    AC cord for lamp

    I was able to repair all but the toslink cable.

    So far that is all I have found. What sucks is that this happened in a time span of 1 hour (she is locked in the bathroom - she has a cat condo in there - while we are at work and doggah is crate trained and was in his crate)

    I turn to look at her food bowl and it was empty :squint:, but she usually tells me when she is hungry.
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    Multi layers of wire loom?
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