WEB Where do you spend your advertising efforts?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by rwdftw, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. rwdftw

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    Doing traditional stuff like: Buying an OT sticky/banner? Spending some money on adwords or some other ad network? SEO work? PR releases? Sponsorships? or doing absolutely nothing since your site grows from word of mouth?

    Or doing some non-traditional things:

    -Make a thread like: OMG OMG checkout this cool deal I just found
    -Make a fake EDU and listing your site as the #1 resource: "To download music you can go to www.mysite.com, or www.freemusicservice1.com, www.freemusic2.com
    -Offer a few OTers a few bucks to front page your site on digg/reddit
    -Spamming other sites/forums with your link?
    -Making a youtube video and having your link in it
    -Shaving your dog to make it a walking advertisement for your site[actually probably a good way to get frontpaged on digg:rofl:)

    What do you do?
  2. MaK10

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    mainly i use adwords and similar PPC services (msn adcenter, yahoo, etc) but I also like to troll yahoo answers occassionally and answer questions related to my sites and put a link to my site as the source.

    All the SEO stuff and link building I do myself, I've only paid one time for some directory listings and it seemed to help a little bit...
  3. pkr

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    Those "examples" suck.
  4. rwdftw

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    well I used generic ones since the more specific ones depend on your niche. i.e if you have a porn site you can upload your vids to xvideos/youporn/redtube, but that won't really work for any other niche
  5. Vtec44

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    I run several forums so I have referral contests and give out free stuff, free website decals, etc. As far as actual business, I advertise on my own forums and network with other business owners. For example, one of the things we do is making custom vinyl decals, so I give discount/free decals for other small business owners that I know in exchange for advertising. Another thing we do is distribute colored lense protection and clear paint protection kits. I give them out to forum owners, etc, in exchange for advertising. It takes a while for everything to slowly trickle in, but it works out nicely at least in our case. Free stuff works wonder :)

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