Where to Find V6TV Ribbon Flex?

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    Where to Find Z6TV Ribbon Flex?

    One of my friends was complaining the other day that he broke his new Motorola Z6TV. I guess he spilled pepsi on it or something. I ended up buying it off of him for $10. The phone turned on and everything, but the slider part was stuck because of the pop. I busted out my Q tips and rubbing alcohol and went to work. As I was disassembling it, I accidentaly tore the ribbon flex cable that runs from the LCD and keypad to the main board. So, now that the keypad and LCD have quit working, because of lack of a ribbon flex cable, I finished removing all the sticky mess from the remainder of the phone.

    All that is needed now for this phone to be almost like new, is that damned ribbon flex cable. However, I have found some on ebay for the Motorola Z6, which is the non-verizon model. Will that work?
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